Training possibilities

  • Inspection and lavage procedures in the bronchial tree
  • All types of biopsies including sampling from the mucous, from the lung periphery (transbronchial biopsy) or from inserted tumour tissue
  • Needle biopsies, such as TBNA and from inserted tumor tissue
  • Cryobiobsies by means of the cryosurgical probe taken from the central part of the lung or from the lung periphery
  • Application possibilities of thermal procedures such as hot biopsy forceps, electrocautery, snares, electric cutters
  • Use of the APC (Argon Plasma Coagulator)
  • Use of endobronchial blocking balloons or flexible tubes
  • Implantation and control of different silicone or metal stents
  • Training in removal of foreign bodies ( Use of foreign substance recovery implement and alligator forceps)
  • Different techniques of mechanical debulking of sutured “tumors”