02.04.12 16:35 Age: 10 yrs

artiCHEST®trainer Nippon: Successful premiere in Japan


Good news from the land of the rising sun: the first artiCHEST®trainer system delivered to Harada Corporation premiered brilliantly in Japan. Taking head-on four training pigs and a plastic training model, the bio simulator artiCHEST®trainer was able to convince the invited physicians of its qualities and its flexibility. Feedback provided by the experts was unanimously positive. Especially praised were the vast range of training and application scenarios and their realistic presentation. The significantly lower costs as compared to training with live animals also received praise and only helped in artiCHEST®trainer taking the audience by storm.

We are happy and proud of artiCHEST®trainer successfully entering the Japanese market and are looking forward to many more successful presentations and workshops. We would also like to thank our distribution partner Harada Corporation, without whom this would have not have been possible.