29.03.12 15:01 Age: 10 yrs

artiCHEST®trainer simulates early diagnosis measures for lung cancer


With artiCHEST®trainer, our objective is to provide physicians and OR-personnel with a broad range of simulations to jointly train bronchoscopic procedures. These possibilities can sustainably improve clinical diagnostics and treatment, thereby contributing to patient well-being.

artiCHEST®trainer recently took another step towards this goal. For the first time, physicians were able to train the use of endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) and transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) with the help of our biosimulator.

For EBUS, the endoscope is outfitted with an additional ultrasound head. This provides the attending physician with both optical as well as sonographic information of the airways. This allows the physician to not only inspect the mucosa, but also subjacent tissue, the bronchial wall as well as tissue surrounding the lung such as lymph nodes. This provides physicians with the opportunity to perform cancer diagnostics by less invasive means, thereby contributing to the patients’ safety and comfort.

TBNA as well is a less invasive method aiding in diagnosing lung cancer already in its early stages. TBNA allows inspection of a large number of lymph node regions that are difficult to reach or in some cases unreachable by minimally invasive means.

We are pleased to have reached this important milestone and hope that we, with the help of artiCHEST®trainer, can make a small contribution in the ongoing fight against cancer.