29.02.12 11:40 Age: 10 yrs

artiCHEST®trainer passes test under C-Arm


On February 21, the biosimulator artiCHEST®trainer reached another important milestone. Lead user Martin Hackl of the state hospital in Natters, Austria, used the device to simulate the insertion of a stent into the right mainstem bronchus to widen a stenosis caused by a tumor. The novelty: the simulated procedure was for the first time monitored using a mobile C-Arm x-ray unit.

Dr. Hackl was visibly content with the procedure. The plastic stent was successfully inserted and expanded with a balloon probe. A resulting simulated hemorrhage was also successfully cauterized with an argon beam. The engineering changes to the artiCHEST®trainer system to allow the device to be used under a C-Arm were proven effective and rewarding.

This was another vital step to facilitate easy and sustainable simulations of bronchoscopic procedures in humans. artiCHEST®trainer offers an ever increasing number of training scenarios unavailable with common methods such as using narcotized pigs. This allows physicians and OR staff to simulate and train procedures realistically, resulting in a finely tuned team in real situations.