12.09.11 12:18 Age: 10 yrs

PROdesign presents: artiCHEST®trainer - for realistic pulmonology training


September 2011. The innovative training and simulation system for endoscopy and interventional bronchoscopy allows realistic situations due to various interventional possibilities on a ventilated three-dimensionally inflated lung.

It provides realistic training of various endoscopic and surgical interventions and treatments on lunge and trachea. Top priority is the authenticity of the simulation.

The system uses prepared lungs of animals ready for slaughter (pig) which provides a realistic feeling of tissue. These are locally acquired. The use of sheep lungs is possible with an alternative thorax model as well.

Using the system's basic equipment an entire training is possible. Various additional options and peripheral equipment allows the arrangement of an organized workshop including individual interventions for local needs.


Among other, following medical trainings and simulations are possible:

  • bronchoscopy
  • biopsy (classic, laser, cryo, etc.)
  • static intervention
  • flexible intervention
  • stent placement, stent removal
  • treat and stop of bleedings
  • training of Air-Jet-Ventilation

We are looking forward to show you the system personally or at next public occasion.