Ethical Aspects

  • Replaces animal experiments at in vivo narcotised pigs (ethical aspects, legal barriers, costs, availability, hygiene, veterinarians, anaesthesia, experiment duration, parameterisation, disposal, etc.) and allows a realistic training of bronchoscopic interventions and many other interventions executed at the lung and the trachea.
  • Uses lungs of slaughter animals which, shortly after having been slaughtered, still provide for a very realistic behaviour
  • Even the use of sheep lungs is alternatively possible with adapted chest model


  • Anatomically formed thoracic bowl-shaped devices are similar to the human chest and have been developed for porcine lungs (organs have to be procured as fresh organs on site / locally)
  • The most important factor for biopsies or needle biopsies is the genuineness effect with the natural mucous membrane and the lung volume for three-dimensional interventions as well as ventilation possibilities.